Crossfit in Frankfurt

Frankfurt already has quite a few Crossfit Box’s – each having their own strengths and weaknesses – so why not try them out for yourself to find that one that suits your needs best. If you decide that Crossfit am Main is the one for you, then not only will you get a good workout using top quality equipment but also you will meet and become part of a unique community of Crossfitters.  

Intro course for 120 €

5 x 90 Min. Introduction to Crossfit

coaching by Steve, Headcoach CFAM

limited group size ensuring high quality

flexible times

When Crossfit in Frankfurt, then Crossfit am Main

CFAM was not only the first Box in Frankfurt but is possibly the largest.. Covering more than 600sq.m. you will find everything that a Crossfitter could ever wish for.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose Crossfit am Main:


  1. Professional training with motivated trainers who pay particular attention to accommodate all levels of fitness and help you to train around sports injuries.

  2. The CFAM state-certified Physiotherapists will guide you through a healthy training with long lasting results.

  3. CFAM has a great international community, there to support you with open arms.

  4. CFAM is offering specialised courses such as Crossfit Kids, Mobility, and Olympic Weightlifting all with the goal to make you into a complete athlete.  




Crossfit am Main prides itself on its welcoming, inclusive and family atmosphere. We work hard to build this community and make sure all members of the CFAMily, whether it be for a one session drop in, or a lifetime member, are equally supported and welcomed. We hold regular events which bring our community together, as we recognise many of our members may be in Frankfurt for work and have moved without friends, family and loved ones. So for many of use Crossfit am Main is our family! Sometimes a brunch together on a Sunday, or a Saturday afternoon WOD and barbecue is enough to bring a community together and help us achieve our goal of making stronger, healthier and happier crossfitters.

Excellent coaching

Each one of our coaches is a Crossfit Level 1 certified coach, and many of them holding other qualifications in specified areas of fitness, nutrition and physiotherapy.We have 6 coaching staff who bring a variety of knowledge, experience and understanding to each class. There are opportunities for members to attend classes run by one of the coaches. However, athletes focusing on competition have the opportunity to follow a prescribed program written by Head coach and Owner, which focuses on the mental and physical preparation involved in competition.

Developing the elements

According to the Crossfit ethos, there are 10 components of fitness. Cardio endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy.At CFAM we aim to develop each and every one of these components.  We create goals together for each individual athlete which target and Train Our Weaknesses.  

Each class consists of a group warm-up to make sure injuries are minimised and athlete's bodies are prepared for the session. Also skills are developed and trained in each session. This could be thorugh one of our specific classes such as Gymnastics or Olympic Lifting. The classes always a constantly varied Workout of the Day, which gives athletes the opportunity to apply their skills and fitness to an intense workout.

Athletes are also able to build flexibility, agility and mobility with our weekly mobility session and also at the end of each class during the groups stretch and cool-down section.